Len Harris
Position: President and CEO

Len Harris is a well-known and highly respected business entrepreneur who has founded and/or been involved in the development of a number of successful businesses over the years, mostly in the natural resource sector. In the late 1960's he started his professional career as a registered representative with Hemsworth Turton & Co. where he became an assistant to the head trader in less than 2 years. From 1972-1989 Len was a registered with Jones Gable & Co. where he rapidly became a top tier producer in the firm.

Mr. Harris completed the Prospectors Course conducted by the University of British Columbia to enhance his knowledge of mining and geology, and proceeded to specialize in mining and oil & gas securities. Over the course of a couple of decades, he sponsored and acted as fiscal agent for a number of successful natural resource companies, raising millions of dollars for numerous exploration projects.

Robert Card B.A.
Position: Director

Robert Card is a successful business owner who has many years of experience in start-up companies and financing their development and growth. He was a registered representative for investment firms in Calgary and Vancouver prior to being a corporate financial consultant for over 25 years. Most of his management expertise and experience has been in the natural resource sector, where he has helped to raise many millions of dollars for various exploration and development projects. Mr. Card has served as an officer and/or director of several public companies over the years and currently is the President and a Director of Jet Gold Corp.

David Hudson C.A.
Position: Director

David Hudson has been involved with various public companies as a director or management for the past 16 years, after working as a chartered accountant for Clarkson Gordon and Henfrey & Co. of Vancouver, British Columbia. Hudson qualified as a chartered accountant with Peat Marwick Mitchell in Leeds, England in 1973 and soon after moved to Vancouver to practice with Touche Ross, where he qualified in 1979 as a Canadian chartered accountant. Mr. Hudson has run his own chartered accountancy practice from 1982 to present.

James Turner, P.Geo, B.Sc.
Position: CFO and Director

Mr. Turner has extensive experience in the exploration of base metals. He has held international management and geologist positions with Newmont, Noranda, and Terrasat Geometics Inc. Mr. Turner graduated in 1971 from the University of British Columbia.